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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 7, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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nonetheless pretty good reaction to jobs numbers. time for "varney & company." stuart over to you. >> good morning, everyone you can tell it is friday. you might call it oddball news today. bitcoin so-called founder doesn't even know what day it is. runs away from the media and has nothing to do with the whole thing. would you put your dollars into that? the president doesn't seem to know what is really happening with obamacare. he says it is working as it is supposed to do. but after another major delay and sign-up deadline three weeks away, it really isn't working as it is supposed to do surely. yes, there was a jobs report. guess what? america is still not going to work. what a day. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: don't worry, we will get
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to bitcoin, the jobs report in a minute but first , robots. remember when you should use the big dog robot which turned a few heads? google's g derek schmidt says, quote, robots will replace a lot of the repetitive behavior in our lives. no impact on google stock. this is the tangential story by calling the sign of the times story, rapid pace of change story lisandro is here. these gee whiz stores are coming fast. >> google has been buying these copies left and right, eight robotic companies the past year alone. they're creating robotic faces to make the robot more humanlike.
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these are real companies making real robots that do these things. they bought shaft which is a company that conducts rescue, they make robots that do rescue operations in situations that are too dangerous to send humans and to. some of these companies are fascinating. google is showing they need to branch out and be doing other things to grow the technology. stuart: when i think of stocks i want my grandchildren to own now for the long term future they have to be robots stocks, fuel cells sox, wearable computing stocks. sandra: a big argument that robots will take over but it takes a lot of technology and minds to make these robots work and keep them working. stuart: google has the money to do it. another tech story, amazon is involved in this one, a remarkable kindle feature that you never heard of called the whisperer sink. sandra: the rave reviews, people
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who could find it so far. basically it allows you to both read from the kindle, read the words but also listen to the words as they are red and as highlighting feature for those people that really like to get into the reading experience and get a lot out of a book people are raising this. if you are leaving work and getting your car listen to the audio version, get home and it keeps your page when you open your kindle. stuart: the kindle keeps talking, reading from the script where you were. you what in your house and reading it again. sandra: it costs $3.99 to $12.99, 30,000 books available. stuart: what is this about rabbi in vancouver? he e-mail jeff -- jeff bezos and
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said this is a great thing. sandra: he said thank you, you are awesome and jeff bezos replied. the rabbi wrote him to say he had the most amazing reading experience of brand wants to read more young adult novels, he did this using the hundred games e-book and had the experience of his life. was able to fully engage in the book. stuart: this feature was always on kindle. sandra: the rabbi complained nobody can find it. my friend read the kindle. they can't find it. jeff bezos said thank you for the feedback, he will pass along encouragement and work on making it easier to find. stuart: we gotta turn in the market. when we went on the air four minutes and 25 seconds ago we were up 40 points and however says lightly down. no news to account for this friday morning. we are dipping 1/2 point. we have the february jobs report, 175,000 jobs created. the unemployment rate up 6.7%.
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the weather pushed lot of people into part-time work. to me the most interesting item is that 12.6% real unemployment rate for people who want to work full time, they can't. the participation rate still near historic lows. that is the jobs report. obamacare, two surveys to tell you about that are not good news for the president would only one in 10, 10% of uninsured people who qualify for obamacare have actually enrolled. the other survey found half of the uninsured adults looked or plan to look for information on the exchanges. million 7 deegeven given it a thought. >> is working the way it should. stuart: is working the way it should. let's bring in galen institute president grace murray turner, a big critic of obamacare.
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how can you delete huge parts of legislation and say it is working? >> the list of 37 changes that have been made to obamacare, 20 by this administration, most illegally? how can you say a law is working when they have to change it virtually every other week? ask the people who have been harmed by this law. the survey shows 1-third of americans feel they have been personally harmed by it this long. how can he possibly say it is working? stuart: don't you know harry reid said those people are lying. they are liars, all of them. gary cohen is leaving his position at the end of this month. i think he is the guy who
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oversees these exchanges and he is leaving. was he pushed? did he jump? was fired? what is going on? >> who knows? nobody has been fired yet for the disastrous rollout which even the president said the rollout was terrible. here is somebody else, going back to the private sector without paying a price. he was to chile in charge of the web site but he said he got bad staff briefings. what manager watching the program today is going to get away with at as an excuse for a product lunch? stuart: if it was private enterprise it would be a different story. pete rossham wants and inspector general, listen to this. >> $1.8 trillion, as you and i are talking today there is not a single oversight entity that has the capacity to oversee it also
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is limited and fragmented and the administration has been anything but forthcoming about the details. stuart: if this is an inspector general looking at the obamacare project is that the same as an investigation of the obamacare project? >> congress, members of congress on the house side have been doing a lot of hearings to investigate and do oversight but there are so many parts to this law. we'd haven't even gotten to the part of the identity theft that will come from the fact that this thing from the perspective of security, how many people i them?g subsidies that are not who is overseeing the irs? there are so many agencies involved in this that it is extraordinarily difficult which is why we never should have done such a top-down centralized mechanism possible for the
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government to manage or oversee. it is one 6 of the economy. stuart: we have got it, we are stuck with it and i don't see any way around it until there is radical political change. >> that is what is going to take. stuart: grace mary turner, thanks for being on the show. let's get to nicole petallides, cac ipo, nicole: digital coupons. it is up 87%. idea of priced above the range of $16, $30 and change, not a profitable company. you like to know that and lost $11 million but you know what else they accomplish? 50% gains on sales and what they do is have a digital coupons, your smart phone and the like so this ipo is soaring. stuart: we have the ceo on the show coming up in the next hour. very interesting company.
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i want you to look at the share price of fire i. this is an internet security company very big in the securities sector. selling more stock at $82 a share. 81 at the moment. one of the top performing ipos of last year, it was a charles payne pick. joining us on the phone is the ceo david d. walt. you saw the new stock at 82. it is down to 81. how do you explain that? >> thanks for having me on the show. we had claim run since our idea. we price our initial public offering at $20 a share and obviously it rose quite a bit, we are a 25% from the filing time to the placing of the follow-on offering. we were very pleased to sell 14 million shares, helps us grow the business and strengthen our balance sheet and sets us up for the future in terms of opportunity to grow. stuart: after a performance like
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that i don't think a drop back of a few bucks is that bad. let me get this straight. i think internet security is an extremely interesting area. it is a hot item. are you the guys who would provide for example security to a target company? something like that? >> we provide technologies and services to all industries. the retail segment has been popular lately. we have been growing but government infrastructure, retail, also small-businesses around world. stuart: does your success depends on your being able to repel attackers to go after the targets of this world? >> you bet. that is what our mission in life is. we provide next-generation technology to detect and block threats, we have an advanced virtual machine we leverage and that is what we do. we respond to threats, detect them and do it better than anybody else. stuart: welcome to this show.
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hope you enjoy this again soon because you have a hot property and on hot niche market area. see us again please. time is money. here we go. 30 seconds. we have a new survey that finds america ranks 31st in internet speed. we are behind estonia, slovakia and hong kong takes the top spot on the list. we will explain why that is so later. facebook makes you socially awkward. that according to a study from italian university. researchers found increased anxiety levels in people who look at somebody else's face book page before meeting the in person. may i ask how many euros did they spend to figure that out? waste of money to me. 31 of the 38 start ofs acquired by yahoo! under marissa meyer, under her leadership, 31 of the 38 she required have been shut down. this is insider, the destroyer of start ups.
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that is a shift in her image. 31 of 38. that is the stuff. bitcoin crumbling. the supposed father of the virtual currency on the run from the media. look at who we have to comment from bitcoin, he knows all about scams. will he say that bitcoin is a scam? people with hearing loss.
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stuart: friday morning, change of direction since we went on the air. we were up 30 when we started the show. time for your gold record, down $15 at $13.36. gold mining shares are down as well. all of them are down 3%.
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that is something. safeway has gone private. and $9 billion deal, private equity capital management, stock price is down $1.38. the ceo of will:us, the company went public today. if you look at -- staples are down. back to -- okay. it is up $13. they went public today. that thing is down just a fraction, up just a fraction, it was down yesterday after the announcement they were going to close to 225 stores. it is a solar company, shanghai cheri solar energy failed to pay full interest on its bond and the chinese company will not bail that out.
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and no bailout policy. >> it has been bailing out a lot of companies. the number of chinese companies whose debt is double their equity and doubled since the global financial crisis this is a change of to and from the chinese government to not build this company out and guess what the company is doing to pay off the debt? is selling off some of its assets. that is a no-brainer. they are letting the company falange -- stuart: it is a failure. it is going to fail. they are not pumping in government money they fail. a lot of capitalists in america see the same thing happen here. alisha getting to the argument with the judge some time about that. big developments in bit:newsweek claiming to have identified the father of bitcoin stating this man is the creator of bitcoin, he denies that claim. after the story broke he took off, went to the associated press office in los angeles and told them he is not to newsweek
11:19 am
says he is. a confusing situation. in japan it says bitcoin is not a currency treated as a good or service. you buy something with bit:you pay sales tax on it. look who is here. the cfo of crazy eddie common didn't -- convicted felon found guilty of cooking the books in the 1980s. welcome back to the program. obvious question, do you think as a scam stir yourself bit coin is a scam? >> yes. if money is god it is said golden calf feed its followers into a -- very flowery language. 7% or 6% of bitcoins have disappeared with mount gox. stuart: is the idea -- >> at percentage of the currency. stuart: by definition it is a scam. >> oh yes. i am the only girl can america who doesn't like bitcoin.
11:20 am
stuart: it is a virtual currencies. nobody knows who founded it or where it is based or anything. >> yes. a magnet for criminals. the lack of centralized authority. stuart: that is the whole point about it. >> when the door is open criminals walk up. stuart: the very structure of bitcoin invites the scam. >> oh yes. i could do bit coin fraud and be bigger than enron. stuart: have you ever thought of it? >> of course. stuart: you will never get into bitcoin. >> i will never tell you. stuart: any idea how many dollars? you don't know the answer. how many dollars actually went in to bitcoin in the first place? i have no idea? >> i have no idea. there is no accountability. stuart: there's no price on it. it goes up and down. >> most currencies, i read 6 or 7 times more volatile.
11:21 am
it is not be insured. somebody runs the bank, the fdic, it is a haven for criminals. it should be outlawed and band. stuart: when you were cooking the books in that whole world -- >> i did money-laundering as a teenager. stuart: would you have used bitcoin? >> of course because it is easier than money to launder. carries more anonymity. you can hide those forces of the money. stuart: a lot of people saying this is wonderful. great thing that there is no central authority, not subject to politics or a central bank, this is a wonderful thing. not a scam item, a great thing. >> that is why i won't tell you if i go back to crime and use this thing. stuart: when you are not going to do that. that was interesting insight. thank you so much. president obama tried to quote aretha franklin, makes for some embarrassing spelling mistake. i bet you won't hear about it
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from mainstream media. we will show it to you next.
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>> when aretha franklin first told us what are s p e c t meant to her?
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stuart: president obama in need of a spelling lesson. at the white house last night. i don't make a big deal about this but you won't see that on the mainstream media but if that had been republican they would never live it down. remember dan quayle botching the spelling of potato? really ruined him politically. this is president obama, different media, don't think it is a big deal. a lot of ceo interviews on this program, most of the time they stick to talking points and we don't like talking points but we make some exceptions like where is this gentleman, tom sullivan, founder of lumber liquidators. we invited him back because he wanted to argue about president obama's policies. it was a fun segment with a good guess. a lot of you didn't like what he had to say. this came in from lesley. tom sullivan is a perfect example of someone who has viewpoints' close it to the conservative and libertarian views yet will go into voting booth and pull for the
11:27 am
democratic candidate and raise money for them. that perpetuates the control by the democrats. paul says i am not going to use that word. i don't like personal words like that. he is very critical. he says that is the ceo of lumber liquidators, a good reason to boycott the stores. he loves obama but votes against him with our wallets. he is the chairman and founder but we get your point. you may see a lot of small drones buzzing around the skies pretty soon. judge for the national transportation safety administration shooting down a ruling that find a commercial drone operator. the judge says there are no laws on the books that ban commercial use of small drones. may be, therefore, you might be seeing amazon drone delivery program sooner than you thought. yahoo!'s marissa meyer bought dozens of start ups and killed most of them. the bloom may be starting to
11:28 am
come office that rose. labor department insider ready to sell off on the jobs report. he picked out a good reason to be skeptical this time. >> not as happy as they used to be at the unemployment office. joblessness is no longer just for the loss of the majors. useful people are starting to feel the pinch. >> haven't found a job in six years. >> what training do you have? >> five years of modern dance, six years of tap. [ male announcer ] a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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how did edward jones get so big? t me just put this away. ♪ could you teach our kids that trick? [ male announcer ] by not acting that way. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. stuart: strong words from business insider colin marissa meyer as a destroyer of start ups, a reference to a random acquisition of recent years, many of which she close down after buying them. diving clients to ask if the honeymoon is over because she bought 38 start-ups is sandra: these are young startup companies. this stock still has 70% over the past year, it is down this year underperforming the stock
11:33 am
market. it is fair to be critical and business insider is in the business of being critical and they are pointing out factly she is buying the lot of companies, closing the doors, their customers by using these products and having to refund them. becoming quite a mess but you have to do this as a technology company, throw a bunch of stuff against wall and see what sticks. she has to take some risks. stuart: judgment as the question if 31 of 38 companies you bought you close down. sandra: they are having an identity crisis. that is the other consideration. who are they? are they the technology behemoth's they once were? what they trying to be? is fair to say she is not defining the goals of the company because she is buying so many companies. stuart: yahoo! is a play for ali baba. every time that happens. a big chunk of ali baba that is
11:34 am
where the stock price comes from and what the stock is up. not prepared to make the judgment but marissa meyer doesn't seem to have changed the essence of what yahoo! is. sandra: shareholders are questioning her performance, not a good thing for the stock. stuart: a big gain for big loss. that is the retailer reporting really good stock price move, up 17%, that is a rally. look at sprint down 20% this year, this stock is down 3% today, $8 a share on sprint. back to the morning jobs report. we were supposed to believe that the weather was going to play a big role in today's jobs report. i wouldn't say it was a big role. it did push a lot of people into part-time work. that was the effect of the weather. let's bring in labor department chief paul conway who joins us
11:35 am
now. i don't think the weather played that big a deal in this report. what is your take on the numbers? >> on the numbers i think the weather can play a role and people dismiss it completely, that is not exactly accurate. the messaging in advance of the jobs report would make it seem as though that would be a leading cause but you are correct on the impact on part-time work. when you look at the job report, specific sectors where the administration said they would transform the economy like in the health-care sector, you are not seeing over uptrend line much difference being made in today's report, it is lackluster in those areas they have been touting. stuart: i use a obamacare was supposed to create jobs and no evidence is creating jobs in these reports? >> basically yes. the president's messaging,
11:36 am
younger workers and others. creating health information, new jobs that would be created but when you look at 2013, basically job creation and the health-care sector was $17,000 per month. the supply management, they indicated, and the third month would indicate a problem for it. in this last report, 9,500 jobs created in the health-care sector. taking a look strategically at those areas where the administration put great emphasis and huge investment in taxpayer funds what you are seeing is playing out of the aca, they are very hesitant to keep doing hiring or even to hire at the level they were hiring at last year. stuart: a couple things stood out for me. what i call the real unemployment rate. 12.6%, the people who want a full-time job, they are looking and can't get it.
11:37 am
that is an enormous proportion. the other one was 63% is the participation rate in the work force. i am going to make a blanket judgment that america is not going back to work. you are on my side of the fence politically. am i going too far? rain me in if you have to. >> i don't think so. in january the president said these hard-working americans of looking for jobs but can't find them. the fault is not theirs. that is one thing i would agree with. it is not the fault of americans but the fault of the administration and the private sector. 62.8% was the labor force participation rate over the last several months so it went to 63%. perhaps those people and coming off of the sidelines. at the end of the day, millions of americans with a high knowledge and experience, whose sum total of their efforts is in
11:38 am
atrophy. their skills are in atrophy because the job creation rate is not where it needs to be to absorb workers on the sidelines or those coming into the work force. stuart: am i right in saying the number of paychecks being delivered today is about the same as it was in 2007? i think i will say pretty much like that, number of jobs in the united states of america has not gone up in six years. am i right? >> yes, you are correct on that. one of the things you got to look at is the number of people transforming into part-time workers, long time part-time workers and that is another thing in the report, looking at this migration of people into a part-time work force not coming out of it. skill development and what it means for new workers, highly
11:39 am
skilled people occupying jobs, even part-time jobs and those new openings won't happen for emerging workers. stuart: you can spin this any which way you like but america is not going back to work the way it used to. thank you very much. the country's largest luxury watch retailer gearing up for a big weekend. they got to spring ahead. 100,000 watches in february from daylight savings time. the director of the flagship new york store is with us and has very expensive watches, some would say bling. i am not going to say that. bling is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ]
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stuart: this story, safeway going private, $9 billion deal, capital management buying it, stock price down $1.38. keyboard closing stores, ubs, jpmorgan, they cut the price target to 12. look at amazon. new apps for kindle users called whisper, link audio book versions to the book you are reading with the e-book. you can switch between reading and listening and listening and reading and never lose your spot. amazon is down 370. check out the share price of
11:42 am
facebook, that deal with what's app under fire. privacy groups want regulators to stop the deal until facebook provides more information on what it does with that personal data. facebook,, the guy in charge up next. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. turning dreamers into business owners. iwe don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state.
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tech company, shares are up. the ceo joins us from the stock exchange. congratulations, a terrific did you. of hard question, how does this thing work? i go to, interested in coupons from safeway, and your web site shows all the coupons i could get from safeway. >> that is it and more. you can choose coupons for any store you want to shop at. you can choose your grocery store, drug store, it doesn't matter. you can also visit the web site of those retailers also powered by us. stuart: you get a little piece of every coupons that you lead a consumer to? >> exactly right. any time a consumer finance acute on or downloads to their mobile phones we get paid to distribute it. stuart: you did 1.3 billion transactions in 2013 but you haven't made a profit.
11:45 am
>> we were positive for the entire year 13 and net income profitable in q. 4 and our quarterly sequential growth we n on the past three quarters. stuart: i am not critical because i am a real believer in your company, seems to work so easily and so easy to use. that is what i want in technology and you are supplying it so how many billion transactions are you going to do in 2014? >> we have grown from 345 million transactions in 2009 to 1.3 billion last year. we look forward to continuing to continue to serve our world class clients, c p gs and retailers and giving consumers an opportunity to save as much as they can. stuart: if i keep giving you free commercials the way i have just given you a free commercial i bet you will do really well.
11:46 am
great company and the terrific ipo. congratulations, come and see us again soon. let's move on to something completely different. we are joined by michael gordon, the director of the flagship new york store that sold watches. q the harp. what you are looking at right now is a series of watches michael has brought with him. we will start on this side. little one, can i pick it up? >> certainly. may i touch? stuart: i wouldn't call it bling. you would be offended. >> i would be a little bit. stuart: how much? >> just a little bit. this is 15,700. stuart: i don't wear a watch. is a lady's watch? >> made a lady handle it? stuart: $15,000. i will pick this one up.
11:47 am
>> that is one of the -- stuart: my producer said just hold it up. holding it up. >> 18,300. one of the oldest continuous watch manufacturers in production. 1755. stuart: handmade i take it, not 3d printed or anything like that. seriously. i will put it down and pick up the next one. are you offended if i did call it blink? sandra: that is like a diamonds. >> big and bulky. it is traditionally elegant. it is one of the -- founded many of the technology's use in watchmaking today like a perpetual calendar. this is a great watch. 18 carat rose bowlgold .
11:48 am
stuart: $39,000. it is bulky. i should have the manicure every time i do that. how much? >> $100,000. stuart: what makes is worth that? >> that is a perpetual calendar. that timepiece when kept wound keep track of short months and lead years. stuart: so what? i have an iphone that does that. >> it is amazing watchmaker can sit at a desk and handcraft that. there are parts that are as thick as a human hair. stuart: apart from the fact that this is high quality bling and you are showing good to as you are going to change, is it 100,000 watches this saturday night? >> we have 34 stores across the country. in my store a few thousand takes four five days. stuart: when you have to do it by hand. this thing here will do it automatically.
11:49 am
>> this is an extension of our style. we have coupling shoes, watches. stuart: grossly and stylish. >> i did not say that. stuart: did you have cufflinks? >> i do. stuart: not you. >> movement cufflinks. stuart: i can see it. we will never get it on camera. is it moving? >> these are pieces from old timepieces, miner from 1915s wrist watch. stuart: how much? >> a few hundred dollars. stuart: a few hundred dollars for cufflinks. it is great stuff. i am not making fun of it. i am just not in that market. i don't wear a watch and the would not spend that money on a watch the charles payne would. sandra: we have a disagreement between men and women buyers, up into a very deliberate, they go in knowing what they want like stuart varney. he argues women are more frivolous, they go in and look. would you agree in your store? >> somewhat.
11:50 am
it is shifting because the consumer is becoming educated these days. so many come in knowing what they want. stuart: television is that mine field. >> sending this back before i get in trouble. very beautiful. stuart: they are beautiful, they are terrific. thanks for bringing them in. i wish you luck trying to change 100,000 watches by hand. remember this saturday night it is spring, spring forward one hour. sandra: sunday at 2:00 a.m.. stuart: michael gordon, thanks for joining us. wait until you hear how much time the mainstream media is giving to climate change skeptics, actual scientists, that is next. if you wear a denture, touch it with your tongue.
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if your denture moves, it can irritate your gums. try fixodent plus gum care. it helps stop denture movement and prevents gum irritation. fixodent. and forget it.
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>> if you go back in climate history over hundreds of millions of years you will see that co2 is lower now than it has been for most of the history of life on earth and in fact so is temperature. the average temperature today is
11:55 am
14.5 celsius or 57 degrees fahrenheit whereas for most of the history of modern life, 500 billion years back in time it was more closer to 7072 degrees fahrenheit. stuart: that was patrick more, co-founder of greenpeace. he is a global warming skeptic caught talking about climate change on our program tuesday. they don't appear on cbs or abc program. they haven't appeared in 3-1/2 years, 1300 days to be precise without skeptical global warming appearances on abc and cbs. seems to me to be an article of faith among these networks that global warming is real and us who did it. sandra: both networks included climate change alarmists with in the past 160 days most recently cbs 22 days ago. this is highly irresponsible as far as journalism. you always show both sides of the story and they are
11:56 am
presenting it as consensus belief among scientists that climate change is real and occurring. without having any skeptics when we know for sure there are many skeptics out there and many studies that show otherwise but they don't show that. stuart: bright barred and matchable report apple chief tim cook stood up and it responds to a question set if you are a global warming skeptic, don't buy apple's stock. or words to that effect. that is why i say it is an article of faith, almost a religion. katie use that word but like that, you ought to get on board or you are an unbelievable huge sandra: how many tons of recovery? tim clark story but also most recently chipotle including the reason they may have to omit guacamole from the menu because of climate change so you have -- stuart: did they take that back? >> i spoke to the company. the sky is not falling and
11:57 am
changes in the weather at first changes in the weather can affect the growing of some of our prime ingredients. they didn't retract the statement. they did make that political statement so the network is irresponsible by not bringing on the other side of the story propping up what many see as the myth. stuart: are you going to say anything whether it is a myth? >> many people have not seen proof yet that climate change exists particularly global warming. of the one we hear you and we heard patrick more too. how big a part of advertising are viral videos and celebrity involvement to jar next guest data downtown abbey parity video? that is next. the apps you probably will never see available for an iphone and why apple hates it. a brand new hour coming up minutes from now. impact wool exports from new zealand,
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
stuart: five years ago, we remember it all too well. stocks it rock bottom. hope you invested that then. hope you are holding on down. here comes our second hour for this friday, march 7. obamacare, calling senator reed. the future is here. news from robots and drones. we have it for you. an app that gives you more bandwidth. apple will not have anything to do with it. we have the new form of appetite. it gets you loaded. we have not forgotten bitcoins. the hits keep on coming. the noon hour is here. ♪
12:01 pm
♪ dare i say it bitcoins is collapsing. some people call it a scam. listen to what one said about it in our last hour. >> if i could do piquant frock, i would be bigger than enron. stuart: in japan, it is not a currency. we have the guy who is supposedly the face of bitcoins. >> why would anyone want anything to do with this right now. i gave it a shot. i still said we have to separate the two. this is the exchange.
12:02 pm
now, it is bitcoins itself. the exchanges on which it trades, there is no transparency. there is no liquidity. there is nothing to it. it is looking like a farce at this point. stuart: it looks like a scam. it has total lack of accountability. >> total volatility. it has been all over the map. it is not for the average, everyday person. stuart: you are not an average day person. would you put a buck into it? >> no. no is always the answer. stuart: no. guaranteed. a retailer who had a really good fourth quarter. look at that stop. this one goes straight up. 18% higher.
12:03 pm
technology is king. started trading today. digital and printed coupons to customers. you look at safeway coupons. they print them for you. you use them. 95% higher. day one. check the big board.the most in. the people who want to work full time that cannot. the participation rate still close to historic lows. no impact on the market at all. to me, sandra, that jobs report looks like the new normal. same old same old. sandra: 63%. unchanged from the previous month. the only bright spot was the manufacturing sector.
12:04 pm
stuart: okay. the crisis in ukraine. it only shines a bigger spotlight on what some people think is the need to crack. to reduce our dependence on russia, for example. congressman kori gardner is trying to do that. he is trying to get us to frack more. welcome. good to see you. >> think you for having me. stuart: we have seen this before. it never happens. if your bill passes the house, it may do that, it will never get to the senate. if it did, the president will never signed it. >> we see what happens to nations like ukraine that are overly dependent on russian cartel. look, we have to expand our energy opportunity in the united
12:05 pm
states. it creates jobs. by allowing more exports, not only will we create those new jobs, we will ease the pressure on nations that have to be reliant on nations like russia. stuart: is your bill designed to get more fracking? get more of it out of the ground? or is it to allow the exports of natural gas. >> it allows the export of natural gas. because of our natural gas exploration, because of technologies like hydraulic fracturing, we are now in a position to export lng. because we have been so successful developing these resources, we cannot change the geopolitical situation. stuart: the arguments against fraction have largely been defeated in the court of public opinion in the size of community. why don't we do it?
12:06 pm
>> you have this strange element of extremists. they know that if they can stop a technology, then they can stop us from exporting lng. what they do not realize is the harm that it would do to nations like ukraine. we can expand our production and get that to them. even pressure for them to rely on this. for the first time in our lifetime, we have the opportunity to be energy secure and energy dependent. there are a group of people. stuart: congressman, gardner, thank you for being with us. two nicole. the price of gold bullion moving lower. it takes some mining shares with it. nicole: we got the jobs report in. they came in better than
12:07 pm
expected. we watched it gold soared earlier this week. dumont mining down. golf corporation down 2.6%. taking a breather on this safe haven of a stock. in the meantime, we saw the s&p hit a record. we have some heavy volume. record highs today. gold off the highs from yesterday. stuart: thank you, nicole. we hear you. the dow industrial is up 24 points. it is friday. we are not think that much movement on the stock market. viral videos. the new ways to advertise. look at nascar champion tony stuart. he was on this show yesterday promoting his viral video.
12:08 pm
do not forget the demon baby. videos all over the place. our next guest knows a thing or two about viral videos. the executive vice president. sean denny colmes. they made this viral video spoofing downtown abby. watch this. stuart: i am sorry, everybody. it was a spoof of one of my favorite shows. we regretfully lost the audio. winners today. >> thank you for having me today. together. yes. stuart: in all seriousness, i
12:09 pm
think it is a really new and interesting way to advertise anything. creating buzz. that is what you do. >> it is tremendous. we focus on three things. you need to focus on the screen. that will not make it viral. the next pieces you have to share it. stop, share it and after sharing it, you have to start a conversation. stuart: your delivery system is not conventional tv show. >> absolutely. it is efficient, too. thirty years ago, you are right, your bonds of people magazine. it is a very different day now.
12:10 pm
you want the consumer to have something that is exciting. people want something interesting. stuart: you are specifically going to it and watching it. >> watching it and finding out about it. stuart: i really admire that. i lived in america for 40 years.
12:11 pm
>> you see the democratization of entertainment. stuart: i will bet that is the biggest expense. >> if it is not their brand -- [laughter] stuart: we have it on our facebook page.
12:12 pm
stuart: what does he have to do with downtown abby? >> he is a real fan of the show. stuart: my favorite tv show. ending the union membership. a bylaw that stated teachers could only leave the union in the month of august.
12:13 pm
michigan began the 24th right to work state in the country. it is a go nowhere stock market day. believe me. you ask, for example. it reduces the bandwidth. we have the creator of this out on next. ♪ in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early.
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. ♪ stuart: look at the stock price. we are at $81 per share right now. they introduced more stock recently. today, actually. it has actually gone down. straight up over the past year. when it comes to internet speed, where does america ranked. lauren simonetti is with us. >> countries like estonia and
12:17 pm
hungary are above us. countries in asia that are number one. hong kong and singapore have download speeds a third faster than here in the u.s. the reason is lack of competition. you created mergers. they controlled certain markets. there could be relief on the way. one hundred times faster than your typical broadband. who is talking with 34 different cities. stuart: google. that name keeps popping up all the time. good stuff, lauren. here is a question. how would you like to be able to watch as many videos or stream as much music as you want without having to worry about a really expensive data bill. there is a new app. it can help you do that.
12:18 pm
it reduces your phones bandwidth. let's see if i can figure this one out. serge, let me see if i've got this right. if i have your app, i can see videos, i can listen to music without using as much data. is that probably speaking, accurate? >> that is correct. you do not have to pay more, you just get twice as much video, images, web. stuart: i understand that you do that by compressing the stuff that is coming into your smart phone. is that, probably speaking, accurate? >> that is right. we have 250 million people testing not. now with over max, we have all the apps on your android phone.
12:19 pm
buying instagram, music videos, fox news videos, all of that, you can get more of it. stuart: you have the app. it is not like a regular app. it is bright inside that operations of the phone. apple will not let you get inside the operations of a phone. you are android only. >> today we are android only. we are working on an ios version. it is possible. it is a little bit trickier. stuart: is it free? >> yes. stuart: how do you make your money now? we will look to money later down
12:20 pm
the road. stuart: giving a commercial like this. ultimately, you will go public. you will make $100 million. is that what you are after? >> i think we are after bringing more people online. the dream is to bring the next several hundred million people to start affording it and trusting it and understanding how to participate in a global payday economy like united. stuart: were you born in america? >> no. i was born in moscow russia. stuart: it is a great company. thank you very much, indeed for joining us.
12:21 pm
keep in touch. we want to know how you are doing with this thing. >> thank you. thank you for having me on. stuart: this is a charles payne pic. it is down eight dollars at 81. this stock has gone to the moon over the past year. charles: back to the old days. stuart: that stock has gone to the moon. you recommended it. it is big in the internet security area. all of these have been amazing buying opportunities. i still think you have a shot at the hundred dollars plus in the stock.
12:22 pm
charles: i think that there are some of these larger names that have been here for a long time. in the meantime, they are buying companies. they are making themselves more attractive. that is when the stock went parabolic. stuart: we interviewed the ceo earlier. we are a wonderful market player here. charles: brilliant. again, new companies. staying ahead of the game. stuart: good to see you. thousands of unionized las vegas workers threatened to go on strike. why? because of obamacare. wright and senator reed's backyard. my take on all of this is next.
12:23 pm
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stuart: look at sea world shares. down today at 6%. talking about the treatment of animals at sea world. some problems. state lawmaker in california proposed legislation that would prohibit sea world from using killer whales, or cause and it shows. google says robots will take on all of the boring things we do in our lives. we will do what that story in just a moment. not being widely reported, but thousand of casino workers in las vegas are considering strike because they do not like what obamacare will do to them. that is las vegas, nevada.
12:28 pm
the same harry reid that called victims of obamacare wires. here is my take. according to the "wall street journal," unions spent just under $650 million on campaign contributions in the last 25 years. senator reed, special interest money. they spent 18 million. the leader of the united states senate dem and i think his political opponents. the wicked right-wingers. they are influencing policy. it is unions who are swapping elections with money.
12:29 pm
the list goes on and on and on. talk about money buying influence. hold on one second everyone. there is war. they guide the political activities of nonprofits. unions are exempt. they got a pass. they can keep spending. they can keep influencing. it will be fascinating to see what happens with the casino workers. the leader says the biggest obstacle to a new contract is the cost to the health care imposed by obamacare. what will senator reed, democrat of nevada do? i do not know. one more example of the desperation. he indirectly associated union guys with liars.
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
12:32 pm
12:33 pm
see, they make the glass scratch crew for your cellphone, the little glass screen scratch proved. it is a charles payne kick. made a new high of 89 to.
12:34 pm
charles: you take them where you can. high tech stocks in areas, charles: you have a glass that is three times stronger and scratch proved. you don't have to be an investment genius to see that is a good idea. alumni don't like shards but that is the chart and a half. tech is king. we keep saying that, that is wyatt danish company has a hearing aid that is compatible with the iphone. what is this all about? >> 36 million americans have some issue with their hearing, hearing loss but only one in 5 do something about it so what apple is trying to do by teaming up with danish companies, is world devices that treat medical conditions. the hearing is called links. they cost $3,000 and you can control it with your apple
12:35 pm
device whether it is your apple iphone or ipad and it is expected to take off because apple products sell well in america. charles: if i have one of these and have in my ear and i get a text, can it put the text in verbal form in my ear? >> there is an apps that can do that eventually. that is really cool. that is the plan? stuart: is $3,000 a lot of money for a hearing aid? >> it is not. but we have something in our year, what is happening with this hearing aids in a couple years? we will be part of 36 million americans with hearing problems, yet. stuart: i have one this interrupted feedback the goes in your ear so people can talk to you when you are on the air. years ago i was tested because i have been wearing this for 40 years, have i lost hearing in one of my years?
12:36 pm
no, i have not but i did switch from my right ear to my left ear to balance out the deficit. >> would you wear a hearing aid if you needed it? charles: people were embarrassed about hearing aids 15 years ago and the bluetooth, people walking around this thing hanging out of their ear. >> if i could be part robot why turn that down? stuart: project luann, launching a fleet of high-altitude balloons that broadcast and internet signal to remote corners of the world. the project could bring the internet to hundreds of millions of people.'s co-founder is here. they built these balloons, testing these balloons, flying now. how are they doing? >> it is a very scaled-down
12:37 pm
test. you are not looking at millions of balloons across the globe, they're very focused areas but the tech or works. it is the question of scale and whether this is something that will catch on. stuart: a real balloon. i thought it was a dirigible. >> is the scale thing, a smaller dirigible. that is my problem with it. charles: i like the idea that drones -- you have more control over drones. what i read early on is a lot of these have crashed. how do you control a balloon? >> you control a hot air balloon, you have means of moving goods i decide and up and down. charles: this is near space. the general wind, it is designed to not be affected by the weather will wind. that is the big thing. >> if a natural disaster happens, sells service goes out, internet goes out, this is solving that problem where you
12:38 pm
could get reports -- stuart: google with the enormous amounts of money, worth $400 billion, they have the money to put into what seems like gee whiz ideas that may or may not work, but on that subject we have eric schmidt who says robots will be on the present in our near future doing the boring things we have to do for ourselves. i don't think i want that walking toward me. >> absolutely true. started 30 years ago. we essentials d.c. how car manufacturers start moving toward robots, it will become more popular. stuart: brush nineties or something. >> people who work at amazon shipping stores have to walk 11 miles a day to go from package to package and imagine if the entire group was robots. set for the people who lose
12:39 pm
their jobs but that is how big an impact this will make. charles: the social economic impact. when it starts happening with the automobile industry we had a big up or. i don't remember the song -- that is what it was all about, robots replacing humans. stuart: jobs are created in people who fix the robots. that is high end. charles payne digs into the jobs report and weighs in on whether bitcoin is a scam. the real halftime report is next. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. spt-second stats.
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dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them. stuart: the jobs report came out this morning, 175,000 jobs added in february, the weather did play a factor. 7 million people are working part-time in part because of the post office. 600,000 in work at all because of the snow storms. next ford rewarding its ceo for the company's performance last year according to regulatory filing for gay alan mulally $48 million in ford stock but can't sell its until 2016.
12:42 pm
ford stock is $15 a share. check the share price of pandora, reported listener hours for february down from the prior month. the company will discontinue monthly lists of data in june. no impact down $0.33. your favorite and mine, the real halftime report.
12:43 pm
stuart: this is it, the real halftime report.
12:44 pm
scott kennedy, nicole petallides said the exchange, late field up the beach in bermuda and charles payne is here. we are talking jobs right off the bat. your take on the jobs report first please. >> we plan last week to report on bad weather, blaming bigger better -- watch the participation rate. as that participation rate picks up and people looking for work what they have done to unemployment is picking up as well. the unemployment rate has been ignored by the fed on the way down. how is the fed going to ignore it, 7% when more people come out of the house and look for a job. how does that affect a bring and tightening and the tenure going forward. watch out participation rate along with the unemployment rate. stuart: we hear you. your ticket? >> the same as scott's. with the participation rates, we have the lowest participation rate since the 1970s, despite the fact the unemployment rate is ticking down it is ticking
12:45 pm
down because people are dropping out of the work force. this was a decent job number. if you look at in the historical context, and we seeing green shoots that seeing a lot of americans out there who are unemployed. we have structural unemployment right now. charles: 6% was a soft number. they know people were dropping out and they know the numbers aren't official. one of the best lines is people coming back, i don't care what the unemployment rate is but here's something more interesting. young people giving up for not having a shot. if you look at the household survey 20-24-year-olds loss 57,000 jobs, 96,000 jobs, where were they created? 54, 29,000. 69, 239,000 jobs. that through everything out the window about attrition and everything. young people giving out or not
12:46 pm
having opportunities. hot stocks will come on. you like home depot because of the weather. spell it out. >> a lot of spending will not come back. they will let the revenue back, airlines will not get a lot of it back, hotels will not get it back, things are put off. home reconstruction and home remodeling is one of those things, spring fever will hit people, home depot is a stock that i own. stuart: had an ipo today. we interviewed the ceo. i like the sock, i like the company. nicole: a california company, this is basically coupons for your smart phone and how that is they make their money, this is priced above the range and soaring. stuart: amazon has a remarkable kindle feature, you probably never heard of it, called whisper sink. it changes the way you read. don't tell me about that.
12:47 pm
tell me about amazon. charles: if you own the stock continued to ride it out. if you don't i would not buy it here. earnings estimates are coming down hard. wall street will take a tougher stance and make them bring that money to the bottom line. stuart: we talk a lot about bitcoin. we have a convicted white-collar criminal on this program earlier, is a scam. charles? charles: i don't know. i really don't know. if it does everything they promise, it is limited to 21 million coins, that could ultimately be onerous it might be the best thing in the world. i simply don't know. stuart: do you have an opinion on bitcoin? >> yes i do. i am on record as saying it. i think it is of folly for the intellectual elite. i don't like it. stuart: that is why we like you. >> there is a place out there for virtual currencies. i am not sure bitcoin is it.
12:48 pm
killing transaction fees and transport money from one country to another virtual currency doesn't, i don't know if this is bitcoin. stuart: listen to what market watcher harry dent said about the market rally. roll tape. >> this is total fid trouble. they will ball lit up. we won't get inflation, we will get a financial asset bubble. stand by this and burst this year and burst big. stuart: charles, as soon as perry said this, i could see this. charles: one day it will happen. charles: i like harry's previous argument. when he said we have an aging population, deflationary, that was a more nuanced intellectual way to talk about our economy. when i go to the bottom straight -- everybody with a shopping bag, did you go shopping today because of janet yellen not one person will say yes.
12:49 pm
divided say the thousand that would be a miracle. stuart: thanks, everybody. on the real halftime report, good show today. could dr. keith ablow be right? and is the finding facebook makes you socially awkward. we will deal with that next.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
stuart: dr. keith ablow, we have a study about facebook. it says facebook makes us socially awkward. i am going -- give me a report. i want to paraphrase what this is about. >> this is what makes a socially awkward but this reason is interesting. arizona researchers tested 26 people and show them pictures of what they looked like on facebook. look at the pictures and measured their heart rate and things like that and noticed they become excited before meeting them when they saw their picture on facebook first. what would the reason be? they say the reason is they often compare themselves to what that person looks like. i am offended because they use mostly women because of two things, women are more likely to be on facebook and not on facebook as a real person. i have a fan page only. and women are more competitive and likely to compare themselves
12:54 pm
to someone else and i'm totally offended by that. stuart: when i first reported this i thought was italian university in mesa, arizona, 26 people were studied. i wonder how many dollars and i hope they weren't tax dollars were spent finding this out. they are blasting my ear, time is up. i will join your fan page guaranteed. i will. charles is going to make us some money. zebra technologies, go. animal company? charles: they do old school labeling on boxes but they are moving to a technology radiofrequency. the numbers have been huge, margins are expanding. is not necessarily sexy but has got to work out well. stuart: decent chart. next one is juniper networks. stuart: has reinvented itself. charles: cloud security, mobil, expanding margins.
12:55 pm
the estimates for next year continue to go up, wall street looking for big things and it goes north of $30. stuart: if you are curious about a stock we ask you to tweet as using hash tag asked charles payne. lots of responses coming in. today charles will respond to requests for information, knowledge of mastercard. charles: i was asked about this, it is one of the stocks that is over $200 a share. glad people understand -- the point is you are not afraid to buy something like this. here is the thing. credit card use has been relatively flat since the crisis. people are not using credit but debit cards have gone through the roof. overall the last five years the card usage and volume in america is a 21% but the world, 100%. stuart: we had a highlight reel for you, the best stuff of the week but first , we fixed the technical problem and queued up
12:56 pm
the downtown parity video from earlier. watch and listen. ♪ >> welcome to downtown. >> thank you. i am bored wilcox, the new owner of downtown abbey.
12:57 pm
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no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ stuart: here is the highlight reel. will it. >> they will do what they want to do which is paint ukraine as a strategic interest, and naval base. my guess is they keep going and take eastern ukraine. most importantly the president -- what does it do to the price of oil? it could go down 20%. >> the back into climate history, hundreds of millions of years you will see that co2 is lower now than it has been for most of the history of life on earth and in fact so is temperature. stuart: are you on the left or right? >> neither. stuart: get out of here.
12:59 pm
>> you heard from the gentleman before that the young people today don't want to be associated with left or right. i want solutions that work. stuart: when you can come back. you are more of a libertarian, more in the middle and you invited the most left-wing president in american history to your home to raise money in your home. >> i really enjoyed this. i enjoy listening in general but i love the interview part. stuart: always a good time on "varney and company". here is your take on the show today. sterling had this to say about nevada union workers going on strike. i live in las vegas and have family members that are part of the union, that union and my family are not happy with obamacare's crushing regulation. harry reid is avoid of morality. harry reid said this about our morning the. please do tell us how you really feel. charles payne was the emotional one, i was wrong. thanks, everybody. great show, great week, is yours.
1:00 pm
cheryl: nice to see you. i did appreciate when yuri branded pds p daddy. nice. ashley: thank you some much. british invasion. i am ashley webster. cheryl: cheryl casone. job surprise, the u.s. economy added 175,000 jobs in february topping wall street expectations of 149,000 but the participation rate still stuck at the lowest level since 1978. ashley: you can see more small drones buzzing around the sky, fallout of a federal judge rules, the and a a has no authority to ban commercial drones. cheryl: russia is demanding $2 billion or else, the threat to ukraine at stability as natural gas supplies are routed. america's natural-gas alliance ceo joins us exclusively with hoth


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